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Professional manufacturer of intelligent shoe cover dispenser machine, welcome foreign customers and foreign trade company to visit and cooperate.

                       Production background introduction

    Yongkang Botao Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, so far has been open for 23 years. Start with high precision Aluminum Alloy casting mainly the production of automobile and motorcycle industry, magnesium alloy die-casting parts, high precision standard parts enterprises, through the unremitting efforts of all staff we have achieved great success, at the same time because of the lack of its own patented technology, and other domestic processing enterprises only focus on hard work, the cost of enterprises and management.

    Before and after 2000, facing the great opportunity of China's rapid economic development, we have seen tremendous opportunities for enterprise development! At the same time also recognized China enterprises because of the lack of patent technology by foreign enterprises to curb the abuse, the person in charge of the enterprise in the new high-tech products look far ahead from a high plane, the choice we have chosen has huge potential market demand for shoes.。In company with Beijing Botao Technology Co., Ltd in the product research and development on a long-term battle, has invested a huge human resources and material resources.

     God helps those who help themselves, hard work pays off, the company R & D team for many years to pay paid off in 2002 when finally, the world's first intelligent automatic shoe cover machine is our There was no parallel in history. created!!! This is now known as "smart shoes", once the listing has received wide acclaim from industry experts in domestic and foreign markets, and has won the honor of a variety of quality certification and the enterprises of different countries and regions. In view of the first launch of the BT-EA and BT-EB models due to the application of the patent is not comprehensive, and other enterprise legal loophole in imitation of the situation, in order to protect intellectual property rights, the patent of our products BT-EL, BT-EF, BT-EG series for the 100 number of parts in the new update, not only in the China application and access to a number of the patent, also in France, Germany and Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and more than 30 countries and has a number of overseas patent applications. Not only to maintain their own interests, to regulate and regular intelligent shoe cover dispenser machine market competition order, safeguard the vital interests of the customers and dealers.

    In view of the original China domestic economic development level and our production capacity of enterprises, a few years ago to produce intelligent shoe cover machine, most of the products are dealers in Europe and other developed countries in the town, only a small number of products to enter the domestic large-scale scientific research units, government institutions and enterprises room, high-end medical operation room, asepsis room, villas, high-grade real estate model rooms and other places. In fact, automatic overshoe machine should be widely used in scientific research establishments, hospitals, computer room, electronics factory, food factory, etc.. In recent years, along with our production capacity, with the domestic economic development level and people to enhance the cleaning requirements, our products will spread the huge domestic market, the near future, the intelligent shoe cover machine and automatic shoe cleaning machine will be like water dispenser and utility as popular products.

                                  Company introduction

     We are engaged in automatic shoe cover machine production, research and sales, we have the spirit of "quality of life, integrity as a fundamental respect, service to every customer, to create a hundred years enterprise for the purpose of" business philosophy and work attitude, for the majority of domestic and international customers to provide quality products and thoughtful service. After years of accumulation and development, in the industry has been very high visibility.

    The company has more than 100 employees, 21 technical management personnel, and the workshop covers an area of 6000 square meters. The company has a complete, scientific, strict product quality control system, and constantly use new technologies, new processes to improve production equipment and process capabilities. Adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, and constantly improve the staff's operational skills and ideological awareness. The company has passed the EU CE certification, German TUV product certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and safety standardization evaluation.

    The company will continue to carry forward the "pioneering, enterprising" spirit of entrepreneurship, in all walks of life, new and old customers, friends of the enthusiastic support of greater achievements, welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, inspection, business negotiations!



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